Marine Research and Hazard Management - Manager

Marine Environmental Observation Prediction & Response Network (MEOPAR)

Location: Nova Scotia
Date posted: 2012-11-21

Network of Centres of Excellence Network Manager

Putting Canada in the forefront of
marine hazard research and reduction

With the world's longest national coastline, it is fitting that Canada should have a world leading capability in marine research and hazard management. That is why the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network, MEOPAR, was created. Over the coming decades, MEOPAR will develop disaster and risk reduction tools and propose positive adaptation measures which will allow Canada to be better positioned to manage all forms of ocean impact.

As a Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada, MEOPAR is assembling and funding a network of outstanding Canadian researchers who will develop and test new technologies and strategies to assess, manage and respond to marine hazards. Amongst the first of these activities is the establishment of a chain of integrated observation and prediction systems for strategic locations on Canada's coasts, as well as development of a suite of rapid environmental assessment tools for use during marine emergencies. Working with partners in academia, government, NGOs and the private sector, MEOPAR and its Research Management Committee will focus on those projects which hold the greatest promise for saving lives, property and the environment.

You will join this new organization as it pursues a vital, exciting, massive and
multi-disciplinary mission of better understanding and living in harmony with our 243,000 km coastline. Working with MEOPAR's Scientific Director and a growing network of research groups across the country, your mandate is to manage the network and act as a liaison between MEOPAR's Board, the scientific project leaders and the Research Management Committee. You will lead a small team as you ensure that, administratively, the projects complete the necessary documentation and progress reports, that outreach and partnership activities are managed effectively, and that trainees within the Network are supported to realize their potential. You will keep all parties organized and informed while ensuring that strong, open relationships are fostered.

With likely a Masters or Ph.D. in a scientific discipline and exemplary managerial and organizational skills, you have demonstrated your ability to work co-operatively and collegially with scientists and researchers in academia as well as with partners in the private sector and government. You will also bring a passion for the mission to this pivotal role. Based at Dalhousie University in Halifax, this is a unique opportunity to join an organization that is bringing together natural scientists, social scientists, policy makers, industry representatives, non-profits and coastal communities to connect important research with industrial know-how and strategic investment. Past experience working in various parts of Canada is an asset, as is knowledge of the French language. If you're interested in this exciting opportunity, contact Jeff Forbes or James Laing at 902.422.4886, or submit your application online at:


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